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Will there be a turn in game technology for Pakistan in 2021?

Gone are the days of slow processing gaming

In today’s world staying up to date with technology has become essential. Technology in the shape of smartphones, laptops, and other gadgets is being excessively used by people on daily basis. Especially in these times of pandemic, people have diverted to the use of digital technology at an increased rate. Be it socializing with friends, or having a chat with family, or maybe an online meeting, everything has shifted to smartphones. In this situation, people tend to engage more in online games for leisure, rather than going outside.

For all gaming enthusiasts, there are many mobile games available that make things easier as compared to PCs or Desktops. For these gamers, having a slow processor phone can be a nightmare. MediaTek has come forward with a solution for the Pakistani customers by launching its HyperEngine Game Technology. The tech giant shall bring the ultimate gaming experience for its users in terms of better quality and robust performance.

MediaTek is the fourth largest fabless semiconductor company in the world. It recently announced that its G-series chipsets will power the next wave of gaming devices from the leading smartphone brands in Pakistan. The gaming-focused G series will consist of the new MediaTek Helio G95. It will be aimed at premium users, G90 series, G85, G80, G70, G35, and G25 chips. It is also expected they shall be launching the first smartphone powered by the G-series chips will very soon.

In a recent interaction with media representatives, Mr. Rami Osman, Director MEA, shared MediaTek’s plans for Pakistan. The company shall make mandatory efforts to increase its market presence in the country. MediaTek has a good global reputation and now it shall aim to flourish in Pakistan. This would not only make the consumers aware of the brand and its products but would also generate healthy competition in the market.

With a population of over 200 million and a 12 million unit market, Pakistan is an important hub for tech investments. Almost everyone these days uses a cell phone of which a huge proportion is of smartphone users. The tech world has evolved from 2G to 4G and now moving towards the fastest 5G network. A smartphone chipset provides a core set of functions from cellular communication, to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth communication, to general computing, to power management, to memory and storage interface, and peripheral interfaces. Hence, all functions are dependent on the chipset. MediaTek shall play a key factor in providing these.

The company shall bring more innovative chips such as Helio P, G series, and their flagship Dimensity series to supports 5G connectivity in Pakistan. By introducing more power-packed and flagship features it’ll bring seamless connectivity, voice, and video quality within everyone’s budget. These chips with an advanced 12nm FinFET production process offer optimal power efficiency to ensure long battery life and power efficiency, even during long gaming sessions.

These amazing features could change the game for technology advancement in Pakistan especially the gaming enthusiasts. Fueling the local brands and operators for the migration of 2G to 4G and now 5G shall be a huge step in creating unique propositions. This would be a great revolution is MediaTek keeps its promises and can deliver these ideas effectively in Pakistan.

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