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Will the last total solar eclipse of 2020 be visible in Pakistan?


KARACHI: The world awaits 2020's last total solar eclipse which is expected to start today at 6:34pm in Pakistan time.

But the last total solar eclipse of 2020 will not be visible in Pakistan, says the Pakistan Meteorological Department.

The eclipse will continue till 11:53pm. People from most countries in South Africa and South America will be able to see the eclipse.

It will also be visible in the Atlantic, the Indian Oceans and Antarctica.


The partial solar eclipse will begin at 6:34pm and the greatest eclipse will begin at 9:13pm. The total eclipse will end at 10:54pm while the partial eclipse will come to an end at 11:53pm.

On June 21 this year, an annular solar eclipse was visible in some cities of Pakistan.

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