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Why is Lunar eclipse 2021 so special this year?

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Sky gazers are excited to see the first lunar eclipse of 2021 with two other spectacles — a supermoon and blood moon — on May 26, Wednesday.

This phenomenon is also called a "Blood Moon" as the moon appears slightly reddish-orange.

During a lunar eclipse, the moon will appear red for 14 minutes. The eclipse will be visible till 6:05 pm but it will not be visible in Pakistan due to the daylight.

A supermoon happens when a full or new moon coincides with the Moon's closest approach to the Earth.

On the other hand, a lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth's shadow covers all or part of the Moon. This can only happen during a full moon.

"It’s happened a few times this year already, but this “flower moon” will be the closest of the year. It will get to within 357,311km of the Earth just nine hours before the “blood moon”, or total lunar eclipse," read a news report published by

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