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Which book is PM Imran Khan reading this month?

Prime Minister Imran Khan recommends fans to read “History of the Pathans” by Haroon Rashid. Photo: Geo. tv/File

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Sunday has shared that he is reading “History of the Pathans” by Haroon Rashid and has recommended his fans to read the book too as it enlightens about the Pathan tribes.

The prime minister, in his Instagram post, said that the book is about Pathan tribes, akin to his own, which migrated to India from Afghanistan over the last one thousand years and settled in various parts of the subcontinent.

"This month I recommend the book “History of the Pathans” by Brig (r) Haroon Rashid. Volume Seven, which I am reading, is about Pathan tribes like mine who came to India from Afghanistan in the last one thousand years and settled in various parts of India," the prime minister wrote on Twitter.


"It traces the role they played in shaping the history of India," he shared.

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Previously, the premier had also asked fans to read the famous books ‘Lost Islamic History’ and Elif Shafak's “The Forty Rules of Love” to bring them closer to religion.

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