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Trump Jr includes India-occupied Kashmir in Pakistan’s map

WASHINGTON: Popular American comedian Jeremy McLellan has thanked the son of US president Donald Trump for including India-occupied Kashmir in the map of Pakistan.

A tweet from Trump's son Donald Trump Jr. has become the centre of attention in Pakistan as the map posted on it shows India-occupied Kashmir in Pakistan.

The tweet appeared to show that the entire world supports Trump and the Republicans while Joe Biden gets very little support on a global level.

While a debate ensued among Pakistanis, the US comedian also did not hesitate to give his reaction on the tweet.

He wrote: "Thank you, Donald Trump Jr, for recognizing Jammu and Kashmir as part of Pakistan."

It may be recalled that Pakistan had made the India-occupied Kashmir territory a part of the country's political map in August this year after the federal cabinet approved it.

Prime minister Imran Khan while addressing an event to launch Pakistan's new political map, said that one day this map will definitely become Pakistan's map.

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