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Terrorists caught in Karachi wanted to target Sindh Assembly: sources


KARACHI: The terrorists who were arrested from the city's Shah Latif town area Monday morning planned to target the Sindh Assembly, sources told Geo News.

The Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) said it had killed one terror suspect and arrested four others after an intense gunbattle.

Forensic data from a cellphone that belonged to one of the militants contained a video clip of the Sindh Assembly, which was filmed during a recce of the provincial assembly.

The source informed Geo News that the recce was done recently.

Sources also told Geo News that authorities obtained forensic data from the mobile phone of one of the terrorists who was arrested by the CTD.

"The terrorists were directly in touch with their handler from Afghanistan," said the source, adding that three alleged militants hailed from Kandahar while one was from Nangarhar.

"The Sindh Assembly was their target however, as no session was held today, the militants couldn't attack today."

The source said that an interrogation had revealed that one of the alleged militants planned to blow himself up in a suicide attack outside the Sindh Assembly's gate.

The other suspected terrorists were supposed to storm the building while firing after the suicide attack. "The terrorists had kept kalashnikov rifles with them for this very purpose," confirmed the source.


CTD say major terrorist bid foiled as 1 terror suspect killed, five others arrested

On Sunday, the CTD killed a terror suspect and arrested five others after an exchange of fire with them which lasted for more than an hour in Karachi's Shah Latif Town.

CTD in-charge CTD Raja Umar Khattab had said the terrorists were present in a building in Shah Latif Town and action was taken against them on a tip-off.

He had said that the terrorists had parked a rickshaw in front of the gate of the building which had explosives in its hidden compartments and the men were fully prepared for a major terror activity.

Khattab had said the National Counter-Terrorism Authority had warned of a “major terrorist activity” in Karachi a few days ago.

Terrorists are planning a VBIED attack on “an unspecified important government department” in the city in the near future, NACTA had said.

The CTD official had said they had been monitoring the building for a long time.

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