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Technical fault in Bin Qasim power plant may cause loadshedding in certain areas of Karachi: KE


K-Electric has informed citizens that there may be loadshedding in certain areas of Karachi as it was facing a 130-megawatt shortfall in electricity due to a technical fault at the Bin Qasim Power Plant.

A spokesperson for the electric supply company said that the power generation ability of KE has decreased by 130-megawatts due to a technical fault in one of the units of the Bin Qasim Power Plant, adding that there will be temporary load management in the affected areas.

The spokesperson stated that load management will be carried out in half industrial zones to provide relief to residential consumers. The spokesperson added that the load management’s advance notice has been sent and the schedule can also be accessed on KE’s website.

Meanwhile, the spokesperson also stated that they are in touch with the power ministry regarding the supply of furnace oil and assured that the temporary loadhshedding will be finished when the fault is rectified.

Cable operators violated agreement

The spokesperson while talking about the cable and internet association stated that they violated an agreement under which they were supposed to lay their wires underground by July 2020.

The KE spokesperson stated that in the past there have been deaths during rains because of illegal internet and tv cables put up in various parts of the city.

KE stated that cable association had assured commissioner Karachi and other officials that they will remove their wires from KE’s polls, adding that the strike called by the cable and internet association was called to blackmail the company.


The All Pakistan Cable Operators and Internet Association held a token strike on Monday from 7pm to 9m.

The association in a press conference at the Karachi Press Club demanded time to lay their cables underground. The association said that they are providing TV channels and internet service at homes. Mostly for this purpose, the electricity poles of K-Electric (KE) are used. For this purpose, they pointed out that they have an understanding with the power utility.

With the assistance of the KE, the association said, they’re are providing services to their consumers. Several electrocution cases emerged last year after rainfall in the city. However, the KE held all the responsibility of the electrocutions on cable operators and internet service providers.

For the TV cable and internet cable service, the association said that they use fiber optics which is devoid of electricity and isn’t hazardous for life. Because of the power utility, which is on a spree of disconnecting the cables of association, they said that they’re facing millions of rupees loss. The association claimed to have informed the governor Sindh regarding their grievances.

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