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Student dies in Karachi after falling from staircase


KARACHI: A fourteen-year-old student died after falling from the stairs in her school in Karachi today, reported Geo News.

According to the owner of Metropolitan School, the student died after falling from the stairs adding that they had shifted her to a private hospital soon after the incident.

The owner of the school, located in Karachi’s Aisha Manzil area, also said that the doctors had pronounced her dead after she was brought to the hospital.

Meanwhile, the family of the deceased student alleged that the child had passed due to the negligence of the school management.


They also claimed that the management did not take their child to the hospital neither did they inform them of the situation.

Minister takes notice

Sindh Education Minister Saeed Ghani has taken notice of the death of the student and sought an immediate report from DG Private Schools, a spokesperson said.

“How the tragedy happened should be thoroughly investigated,” Ghani directed, inquiring on why the school administration did not take the girl to the hospital immediately after the accident.

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