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Startling details of ‘Pakistan’s most expensive wedding’

Decor at the wedding. Instagram: @hellopakistan

LAHORE: Startling details have emerged as a result of the inquiry into "Pakistan’s most expensive wedding" in the provincial capital.

According to Geo News, the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has completed its probe to ascertain how much was actually spent on the lavish ceremony for tax purposes.

Sources said a sum of Rs150 million (Rs15 crore) alone was spent on booking a private country club for a period of 120 days (about 4 months) by the bride's father.

They said the FBR was also investigating a sum of Rs15-20 million (Rs1.5-2 crores) given to the event management company which made the arrangements, and a similar amount paid for decorations at the wedding.

Decor at the wedding.

The sources also shared that Rs10 million was spent on fireworks, while Rs9.5 million was spent on photography and a studio.

They added that the FBR was also investigating a sum of Rs15 million paid to a popular singer who performed at the event.

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