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Royal rules Prince George, Louis, Princess Charlotte must follow within the household

Royal rules Prince George, Louis, Princess Charlotte must follow within the household

Prince William and Kate Middleton’s children will be the second face of the British crown once the prince ascends to the throne, and thus their children have a number of rules they must follow.

The royal nanny recently revealed some of the secrets of the trade and touched upon some important rules Prince George, Louis, Princess Charlotte have to follow within the royal household.

As a graduated of the prestigious Norland College in Bath, Ms Borrallo detailed some of her stricter rules which she is bound to instill within the royal children as they grow older.

During her interview with HELLO! Magazine, the nanny began by detailing her experience at the child care academy, claiming, "Norland has got a great name if you want to be a nanny – it's the go-to place. It was the best thing I ever did going there. I loved being there.”

"It sets itself apart because it's a very practical course, so throughout the whole training, you're in college for one week and every afternoon you'll do a practical lesson – it could be cooking or sewing or learning about weaning or bottle feeding.”

In regards to her disciplinary tactics, the nanny claimed that the best way to keep discipline within the house, she believes in setting a few boundaries.

She was quoted saying, "It's always got to be fair and I think it's got to be consistent. Children often thrive from having some boundaries. The main thing is they know what the boundaries are so you don't change those. It would be the same answer tomorrow if you asked the same question.


"Just having a little consequence for your actions is the main way to deal with something, and teaching them through being a good role model, saying 'that's not how we behave, we don't do that' – rather than using the naughty step."

"For example, say a child bites another child, you have to tell them why it's wrong: 'it hurts the other person, and if you do this again we will go home'. The main thing is that you carry it out." she added.

During the course of the interview, she also touched upon homeschooling tips for any parents struggling to teach their children during the lockdown.

She suggests incorporating some sort of play-based learning techniques every day, this will ensure that the children actively engage in what they are learning for the day. However, for older children who cannot get away from having to sit at a desk and learning, the nanny suggests, "Taking a lesson outside or not just always sitting at a table is great. Say to them, I know it's super boring, but if we get through this bit then we'll go and have a play."

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