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Queen Elizabeth’s parenting style was overtly ‘unkind’ towards Prince Charles

Queen Elizabeth’s parenting style was overtly ‘unkind’ towards Prince Charles

Many even make claims revolving around the premise that the Queen was ‘deliberately unkind’ towards the next in line to the throne, Prince Charles.

Queen Elizabeth is a monarch who has always been tight lipped about private matters, and even in the age of digital media, has managed to create a veil of invisibility upon all that occurs behind palace doors.

While the Queen’s personal life is not such a well-known fact, many royal biographers studying the Queen for all these years claim that she was never a ‘hands-on’ mother and was ‘deliberately unkind’ towards her children.

According to filmmaker Tom Jennings, the show Being The Queen provides an in-depth understanding into the Queen’s private and home life.

It is riddled with archival footage and other tapes that illustrate a timeline of the Queen’s entire reign, right from the moment of her coronation.

One of the documentary’s most shocking parts revolved around the monarch’s parenting style towards all of her children, Prince Charles, Prince Andrew, Prince Edward and Princess Anne.

The documentary depicts the reigning monarch to be a ‘hands-off’ maternal figure. One royal biographer, Tim Heald claimed that the Queen’s children were considered ‘lucky’ if they even got to meet their mother for a day.

Heald was quoted saying, “It wasn’t that anybody was being deliberately unkind or cold…it was just the way you did things.”


That is not to say the biographer blames the crown in any way. The Queen has always put her citizens first and only took a step back from public dealings to comfort Prince William and Prince Harry following the death of their mother.


Heald added, “Keep in mind that running the monarchy is a full-time job times 20, so things like family time fall through the cracks. Entrusting their children to boarding schools, private tutors, and such is terrific for one’s education, but it isn’t the same as the nurturing and guidance that you would get from a parent.

However, Heald did admit, “The queen could be so steadfast in her own marriage, and yet her children’s marriages were falling apart left and right.”

Where the Queen failed to provide one on one attention to her kin, boarding schools came into play for they could “produce rounded human beings emotionally”. All of the Queen’s children attended these schools after the age of 13.

Another way the Queen juggled her responsibilities was through depending "on the nannies to supervise the daily lives” of her children.

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