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Punjab CM Buzdar lashes out at provincial ministers during cabinet meeting: sources


LAHORE: Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar on Tuesday lashed out at two of his ministers over issues related to "chain-of-command" during a meeting of the provincial cabinet, sources informed Geo News on Tuesday.

According to the inside story revealed by sources, Punjab Education Minister Dr Murad Raas raised the issue of his department's secretary being transferred, expressing resentment over lack of communication and approvals.

"The secretary [of Punjab education department] was changed yet I was not even asked," Dr Raas complained.

Punjab Labour and Human Resources Minister Ansar Majeed Khan Niazi was also reprimanded by CM Buzdar during the cabinet meeting.


To which Punjab Law Minister Raja Basharat said it would be better if matters were brought up in the meeting as per the chain of command.

"The secretaries who were replaced are going for 'course'," the Punjab chief minister said. "These are not the issues to be raised in the Cabinet meeting.

"You all could have spoken to me about this in person, alone," Buzdar was quoted as saying by the sources.

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