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PTI minister Shafqat Mehmood addresses press conference on civil reforms


ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister Shafqat Mehmood is addressing a press conference on measures taken by the incumbent government on civil reforms.

Taking to Twitter, the minister said he will be briefing the media as "head of the Cabinet Committee on Institutional Reforms", adding that the topic in focus would be "measures taken by Prime Minister Imran Khan for civil service reforms designed to improve governance".

Imran Khan's bid to reform civil service

Less than a month after assuming premiership, Imran Khan set up a task for to revamp bureaucracy. In his election campaign, the PTI chief had pledged to bring about wide-ranging reforms in the system and introduce a system of internal accountability to encourage competent officials and weed out inefficient people.

The Civil Service has seen many reforms and the incumbent government’s efforts will be another step to transform the service, ensuring that the best officers reach the top slots who were dedicated to service.


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