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PTI govt has ‘two-and-a-half years left to take performance forward,’ says PM Imran Khan


ISLAMABAD: The PTI government has only "two-and-a-half years left to take its performance forward," Prime Minister Imran Khan said Tuesday while addressing an event here in the federal capital.

PM Imran Khan admitted that his government did not "have excuses anymore" and that it was "the time for performance now". At the time of transfer of power from one government to another after general elections, all previous leaderships should provide a complete briefing to their successors, he stressed.

"When we [the PTI] came into the government, it took us three months to understand things," he said. "We're gradually learning things [even now]."

The premier mentioned it was his habit to look at everything in his life to see what could be done better or improved. "We have two-and-a-half years left to take the government's performance forward.

"We no longer have excuses. It's time for us to perform… It's time for performance now. We need to put pressure on ourselves to perform," he added.


PM Imran Khan noted that his government would now follow grade A projects and fast-track other top ones.

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