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Prince William takes to the pub to welcome in new ‘normal’ post lockdown

Prince William takes to the pub to welcome in new ‘normal’ post lockdown

Prince William takes to town for a quick stop by The Rose & Crown pub in Norfolk after the UK government eases restrictions on social distancing.

During his visit to the city, Prince William spoke with pub owners Anthony Goodrich and Jeannette about the struggles they are facing when trying to open up businesses following the pandemic.

During the course of their conversation, as reported by Harper’s Bazaar, the couple has been partaking in donation efforts for The Purfleet Trust, an organization that aims to support single homeless individuals in King’s Lynn and West Norfolk.

In an attempt to maintain hygiene and safety protocols, the staff at The Rose & Crown reduced the number of tables and even cut down on the menu items being provided.


The prince’s outing was reported on the Kensington Royal’s official site with a caption that read, "As pubs and restaurants reopen around the UK this weekend, The Duke popped into the local pub in Norfolk to wish the staff well and hear how they have adapted their operations in order to allow them to return to a new normal. Wishing everyone a safe weekend."

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