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Prince Harry was once saved by a protection office after he ‘fell into bush totally drunk’

Prince Harry was once saved by a protection office after he 'fell into bush totally drunk'

Once when Prince Harry and Prince William were enjoying alcohol in the palace, a protection officer was forced to jump in front of eagle eyed paparazzi in order to protect the young drunk prince from being , lying in a bush.

After the death of Princess Diana, while Prince William and Prince Harry remained headstrong in front of the public, they were reportedly struggling inside.

Being in constant trauma, Prince Harry had developed anxiety and panic disorder, to the point where every camera flash would bring him back to the time of his mother’s death.

According to the book Finding Freedom, Prince William was the one who acted as a rock for his younger brother during that time.

An extract from the autobiography highlights one such event which showcased the extent of Prince Harry’s pain.

"Anger and anxiety started to bubble to the surface, and neither emotion fit into the official persona of a prince.


“At royal engagements, he (Prince Harry) suffered panic attacks. In the most proper and officious of settings, such as a reception by MapAction to mark Harry's new patronage of the humanitarian emergency response charity, the flight-or-fight instincts of an Apache helicopter pilot kicked in.”


Even after reaching adulthood, the book reports the event of their mother’s death was never something Prince Harry effectively worked through, as "one night in early 2016, they both got 'totally drunk', according to the source. But it wasn't until Harry went outside to smoke that there was a problem.“

A source detailed the event, claiming, “He fell into a little bush. Someone tried to take a photo of him on their phone and Harry's protection o

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