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Prince George first in line to inherit priceless heirlooms from Prince Charles


Prince Charles’s high grove Cotswold estate is beautiful property that spans across numerous acres, and with Prince George being incredibly close with his grandfather, many royal experts presume Prince George will be the one to inherit his grandfather’s pristine estate upon his ascension to the throne.

The reason why many royal experts believe Prince Harry and Prince William will steer clear of accepting any of their father’s antiques is because neither of them have “fond memories of the place”.

The source was quoted telling, “Neither of his sons have fond memories of the place where they watched their parents’ marriage collapse and, in any event, William and Kate are comfortable with their plush Norfolk abode."

The chances of the estate going to Meghan and Harry are also slim to none because they “are unlikely to be coming home any time soon.”

“Only 11 years from now our future king-but-two Prince George will come of age. Maybe he’ll take a liking to the elegant 18th century Cotswold stone house and its surrounding estate.”


Prince Charles’s Highgrove Cotswold estate is by no means a small property, it encompasses about nine bedrooms, six bathrooms and about 900 acres of organic land, including a farm.

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