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Post-mortem report reveals Khairpur ASI’s body was burnt after murder


KHAIRPUR: A post-mortem report on Friday revealed that assistant Sub-inspector (ASI) Bilawal Wassan's body was burnt after he was brutally murdered.

The ASI was a nephew of senior PPP leader Manzoor Wassan and Adviser to the Sindh CM Nawab Khan Wassan. His charred and unidentifiable body and vehicle were found near Shah Abdul Latif University police station in Bhargani on November 18.

Wassan's post-mortem report revealed that the body was burnt after he was killed. His hands and legs had been cut and there were fractures in his skull and ribs, the report said.


The police said the murder was made to look like an accident by burning the body and vehicle.

Two arrests have been made, the police said. They are both Bilawal's friends. One of them, Faraz Rajput, was taken into custody from Karachi a day earlier when Bilawal's car caught fire.

Rajput had tried to escape and had been identified by an eyewitness, the police said. He told the police the body found in the vehicle belonged to ASI Bilawal.

The Wassan family spokesperson said this was a planned murder. He said the police officer was first killed and later his vehicle was burnt to cover up evidence.

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