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Police nab ‘White Corolla Gang’ member from Karachi’s Clifton


KARACHI: Police have arrested a member of the “White Corolla Gang” —accused on being involved in multiple robberies — in a raid carried out in the city's Clifton on Sunday, confirmed SSP Investigations Bashir Brohi.

According to police, the accused, identified as Umair, was arrested with the help of a CCTV footage from a house where the gang committed a robbery and came to know about his whereabouts from a tip they received.

The "White Corolla Gang" followed people from banks and money exchanges to their homes — in a white Corolla, armed with Kalashnikov rifles — where they would carry out the robberies, said police.


The SSP disclosed that the accused has carried out robberies in the jurisdiction of over 10 police stations.

SSP Brohi said that the gang has seven members and is led by a person named Sadiq who was the mastermind of these robberies. He added that six other members of the group were on the run and the police were carrying out raids on information provided by Umair.

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