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PM Imran Khan’s Gilgit-Baltistan visit postponed due to unsuitable weather conditions

Prime Minister Imran Khan's day-long visit to Gilgit-Baltistan postpones. Photo Courtesy: Instagram/ImranKhan.PTI

Prime Minister Imran Khan's day-long visit to Gilgit-Baltistan has been postponed due to unsuitable weather conditions.

The premier had to announce the historic GB Integrated Development Plan during his visit.

The development plan includes clean energy, transport, communication, health, infrastructure, water supply, sanitation, and tourism sector schemes for the region.

It also aims at introducing 3G and 4G internet facilities. Construction of new grid stations, the launch of hydropower and health card programs are included in the Rs275 billion for the region.

Apart from announcing the development package, PM Imran Khan was also scheduled to address a public meeting in Gilgit.

The federal government had approved a historic development package for Gilgit Baltistan last month.


The package targeting at development schemes in various sectors will lead to a new era of development in the region.

This will not only address the problems of the area but also provide immense job opportunities to the youth.

PM had earlier said that the region has a lot of tourism potential and it should be utilised.

He said that the development of Gilgit Baltistan is one of the top priorities of the government.

PM Imran had also directed the GB chief minister to pay special attention to environmental protection and promotion of tourism in the region.

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