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PM Imran challenges NA ‘to point out a single contradiction’ in statements on coronavirus response

PM Imran Khan said if there was one country that was not confused over the coronavirus, it was Pakistan. Geo News/via The News

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday challenged members of the National Assembly "to point out a single contradiction" in his statements on the response to the pandemic, saying Pakistan was not confused.

In a rare appearance in an NA session, PM Imran defended his government's coronavirus response after it came under criticism from opposition for being "confused".

"There was a lot of pressure on me. From my own people. From my own cabinet to impose something like India did. Like Modi," he said. "The world has been experimenting in their own ways.

"Repeatedly, it is being said there is confusion. If there is one country that wasn’t confused, it was ours," said the premier, shooting down any notion to the contrary.


"I want to challenge you to point out a single contradiction in my statements since we imposed the lockdown on March 13," he said.

PM Imran reiterated that Pakistan's population density, circumstances, and economic conditions were different from the Chinese city of Wuhan, Singapore, and New Zealand.

The premier said that if Pakistan followed the lockdown policies of the western governments, then it would mean difficulties for the poor.

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