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Pakistani press club Belgium demands apology from Vawda over ‘obscene’ language towards journalists

Representative of The Pakistan press club Belgium. — Photo by author

The Pakistan press club Belgium has condemned Federal Minister for Water Resources Faisal Vawda's obscene and derogatory language towards senior journalists.

The PPCB, in a joint statement, said: “Faisal Vawda must apologise for his indecent derogatory language against respected senior journalists — Wusatullah Khan, Mubashir Zaidi, Zarar Khuhro, Umar Cheema, and Fakhar Durrani.”

PPCB President Chaudhry Imran Saqib and General Secretary Nadeem Butt, condemning the language of the federal minister, said: “[The] minister has crossed all the boundaries of honor and dignity, therefore the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan Must take note of his statement; disciplinary action should be taken against Faisal Vawda.”


"Most of the federal ministers had admitted that Vawda was a hot [headed] person,” the statement read, adding: “The prime minister should keep in mind that hot items kept with valuables often cause short circuits which turn all valuables to ashes."

The PPCB president highlighted that PM Imran blames the “mafia” for the country’s crises, but he should also consider the “crises his peers bring home.”

Even the Federal Minister of Information Shibli Faraz "could not clean it (the mess) and he declared his disassociation with it (Vawda’s remarks),” the statement added.

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