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PAF chief flies Chinese fighter aircraft during Shaheen IX exercise


Air Chief Marshal Mujahid Anwar Khan receiving Chinese patch from Major General Sun Hong.

Pakistan’s Air Chief Marshal Mujahid Anwar Khan flew an air superiority sortie in a hi-tech Chinese figher aircraft during ongoing exercise Shaheen IX.

According to a statement issued by the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) on Tuesday, the air chief said the Chinese Military Aviation Technology is at par with the contemporary requirements to meet challenges of modern warfare.

The PAF chief lauded professionalism of PLAAF pilots and said their outstanding air combat skills are reflective of robust and modern combat training programme. "It was heartening to see the two air forces inter-operating across a wide spectrum of airpower employment options”.

He said competition in the modern times does not only revolve around mastery of technology but also its artful application in strategy and tactics.


The air chief said Shaheen series will go a long way in enhancing professional skills and operational preparedness of understanding of each other’s combat skills and promoting inter-operability.

The joint air exercise, which began on December 9, has now entered its last phase.

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