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Members from Karachi’s ‘weekend gang’ arrested, say police

The arrested suspects from the weekend gang. — Photo by author

Police on Saturday said that four suspects, accused of belonging to the "weekend" or "Corolla" gang, were arrested in Karachi.

The gang has been dubbed the "weekend gang" as it carries out thefts during the weekends — from Fridays to Sundays.

According to police, the organised group of criminals would carry out thefts in a white Toyota Corolla. The gang has robbed 15 bungalows in the up-scale areas of Clifton and Defence in the last two weeks.

A joint team of Karachi South Police Operations and investigation officers made the arrest "through technical means", said police.

Police said that the suspects had confessed to looting nine houses in the up-scale areas from November 6-8 — Friday to Sunday.

The suspects also confessed, according to the police, to their involvement in looting six Clifton bungalows on November 21 and 22.


Police said that the suspects, for their stay in Karachi, had rented a house under "a family's name". However, it was split halfway between the family and the robbers.

According to police, the group's head would drive a water tanker in Karachi and also drove a bus for Karachi and Peshawar.

Raids are underway to arrest the remaining members of the gang, police said.

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