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Meghan Markle and Adele ‘know each other pretty well’ and have a riveting history

Meghan Markle and Adel ‘know each other pretty well’ and have a riveting history

Meghan Markle and Adele have formed quite a solid bond ever since the royal uprooted her life to L.A. The biggest reason behind their growing bond was because their rental was rather close to Adele’s residence.

Scobie, the writer of the autobiography Finding Freedom, claims that the couple "know each other pretty well" and "have a history."

The moment they first met was reportedly when Meghan launched her cookbook in support of Grenfell victims. "They first met when Meghan was supporting the Grenfell fire tragedy victims in London when she was working with the Hubb Community Kitchen to launch the cookbook."

"Adele was actually a regular visitor through the Hubb Community Kitchen, and they really got to know each other through philanthropy. I'm sure we'll see them collaborating in the future."

Scobie went on to note how difficult quarantine has been for the pair. Even though, a change like this has been difficult to manage, having close friends like Adele around has helped them to find their space within the community.


Detailing about the couple's support system around their place, Scobie concluded by saying, "Of course, they're living very close to Oprah [Winfrey], a dear confidante of the couple and also a friend of [Meghan's mother,] Doria [Ragland. David Foster, the Canadian music producer and composer, has become a very close confidante [to Harry] and [become] someone he can really lean on for business advice and other matters. In fact, from sources, I hear they speak very regularly."

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