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Maryam at PDM rally: PM Imran not prepared to run govt but Mardan ready to send him home

PML-N vice president Maryam Nawaz addresses a Pakistan Democratic Movement rally at Mardan's Khaksar Chowk, on December 23, 2020. — Geo News

PML-N vice president Maryam Nawaz on Wednesday addressed a Pakistan Democratic Movement rally in Mardan, criticising Prime Minister Imran Khan for "admitting" that his team of ministers does not know yet fully how to govern the country.

During her speech, delivered at Khaksar Chowk, she counted all the ways the self-dubbed "ill-prepared" government seemed to have been "fully prepared to send Pakistan on a downward trajectory".

"The incompetent government that you all had to gather today to protest against was exposed yesterday when Prime Minister Imran Khan admitted to the incompetence on television yesterday," Maryam said.

"He said loud and clear that I am here to rule but I was not prepared and he said no one should come into the government unprepared," the PML-N leader said, as she continued to heap scorn on the government.

"When you knew you are unqualified and not suited for premiership, you must tell the people of Mardan why you were in such a hurry to wear a sherwani," she said, referring to the prime minister's choice of clothes for his swearing in ceremony.

Maryam then riled up the crowd, cheering them on to take the prime minister's name loudly.

"Did he not say before the elections he has a fantastic team of 200 people? […] all we see are cabinet members playing musical chairs, swapping ministries all the time," she remarked.

In further sarcasm, Maryam said that after two and a half years of the "gift that is Imran Khan", after "ruining the lives" of 220 million people, today the prime minister told the people of Mardan that "he did not know" of the energy problems in the country, of the circular debts, of the current account deficit, or running the country.
"You were not prepared to run the country but you were fully prepared to rob the people of Rs400bn of sugar," she added.


She said, similarly, that the government "seemed to have been fully prepared to rob the people of Rs225bn of wheat".

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