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Loco Services successfully organises state-of-the-art virtual conference


Loco services, which is the country partner of World CIO 200 Summit 2020, successfully organised a state-of-the-art virtual conference for the CIO 200 Awards.

According to a press release issued on Sunday, the CIO 200 Awards is a celebration of the digital transformation leaders and their undeniable merit in leading this revolution.

The award recognises technology’s hard taskmasters and their ingenious efforts in making digitisation a notch above its standards with their experience and expertise.

Geo News, being the Exclusive Media Partner, played a vital role in the success of the summit, the statement said.

The CIO 200 Awards conference was attended by "top-notch IT experts". The awards, as per the details, were categorised into four categories of CIOs: Legends, Masters, Leaders, and Next-Gen. IT Heads/CIOs were recognised and awarded during the summit.

"Few Pakistani CIOs will be recognised world-wide in the Global Grand Finale by finding a place in the BOTS," the company said in the official statement.


Aiming to take the IT heads/CIO's to the global level, Muhammad Umer Khokhar, MD Loco, said: "We have been trying hard to take them to the global surface. By bringing ‘The World CIO 200 Summit’ to Pakistan, it encourages participation and helps in the recognition of CIOs/IT heads of Pakistan at the International level."

"Loco Services is working on several other platforms to promote and elevating Pakistan in the best possible manner,” he added.

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