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Lahore Zoo white tiger cubs could have died of COVID-19, says post-mortem report

Screengrab of white tiger cubs at the Lahore Zoo who died on February 4, 2021. Photo: Geo News

LAHORE: A post-mortem report of the two white tiger cubs that had died at the Lahore Zoo on February 4, 2021, shows that the felines might have contracted COVID-19.

According to Geo News, the post-mortem report shows that the two cubs had developed a severe lung infection due to which their left lungs had been punctured while the right lungs had been filled with fluid.


The report further showed that the cubs had also developed a severe infection in their windpipes which might have caused breathing issue.

Bloodstains were also found on their hearts showing that they suffered a haemorrhage.

The autopsy report further said that the pathology department of the University of Veterinary Sciences did not obtain a sample to conduct a coronavirus test, said citing sources, adding that six employees at the zoo had also contracted COVID-19.

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