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Lahore police arrest man accused of raping almost a dozen children


LAHORE: Police in the capital of Punjab arrested Thursday a man accused of raping almost a dozen children, saying the suspect would lure the kids under the pretext of teaching them how to use weapons.

Videos of the suspect teaching the kids about weapons — including pistols — and sexually assaulting them were also recovered, police in Lahore's Sanda area said.

The suspect was first caught by residents of the area and handed over to the police, following which a citizen from Lahore's Rajgarh neighbourhood petitioned authorities to register a first information report (FIR) against the man.


A case has been registered against the suspect, police confirmed, adding that they were interrogating him. The plaintiff in the case alleged that the suspect had molested more than 10 children and sexually assaulted his brother as well, they said.

Lahore Police stated that the suspected wished to forcibly take the plaintiff's brother with him but was caught by residents of the area.

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