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Lahore crash leaves two students with severed arms, several wounded


Note: The following story contains descriptions of violent injuries to children; reader discretion is advised.

LAHORE: A dumper truck rammed into a school bus here on the city's Raiwind Road early Thursday morning, leaving at least two young girls with their arms detached from their bodies and grievously wounding several other students.

One of the 12 students wounded in total was reported to be in critical condition, while another sustained serious head injuries. The two students whose arms were severed are both girls and aged 11 and 13.

The medical superintendent at Jinnah Hospital Lahore said the girls' arms had been badly maimed and could no longer be reattached to their bodies.


According to a spokesperson for Rescue 1122, a speeding dumper truck hit a school bus which was on its way to a private welfare school near Pajian.

Four of the injured people, including a teacher, were shifted to Jinnah Hospital Lahore, whereas five students were administered first aid on the spot and sent home.

Eyewitnesses said the dumper truck was being driven recklessly fast.

Punjab Labour Minister Ansar Majeed Khan Niazi has ordered a probe.

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