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KMC officer to take legal action against coronavirus patient for ‘kissing’ him

Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) building. Photo: FILE

A Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) officer says he will take legal action against an employee of the organisation who "kissed him".

A man who was employed at the KMC as its assistant director land Landhi allegedly embraced and kissed the director of the Human Resources Management (HRM) department before informing him he was COVID positive in what has been described as a twisted act of 'revenge'.

The suspect had reportedly not been paid a salary for the past few months. The victim said that the employee had been suspended from office on October 5 after corruption charges against him were proven.

The HRM director said the suspect had been suspended for failing to report to the Human Resources department following his suspension.

The victim was also not the only target of the employee's 'revenge' spree. The suspect had also met several KMC officers at the Administrator Secretariat earlier despite knowing he was COVID positive.

When the employee finally announced that he was a coronavirus patient, other KMC officers left their offices in a panic.

The victim has said that he had already contracted coronavirus four months earlier and would take legal action against the suspect for the act.

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