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Karachi to turn chilly as first winter rain expected next week: PMD


KARACHI: The Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) on Friday announced that weather in Pakistan's southern port city may turn chilly as the first rainfall of winters is expected next week.

In a daily update, a spokesperson for the meteorological department said Karachi is expected to receive light rain from November 23-25 as the weather turns colder. However, there is no forecast of thunder or lightning, they clarified.

The PMD spokesperson warned that Karachiites may experience stronger- and colder-than-usual winds following the winter's first rainfall.

Longer winter in Karachi

The temperatures in Karachi may drop and the severity of the cold may rise after the first rains of winter, added the PMD.


Back in October, the PMD had warned that winter in the port city is expected to be longer this year and a relevant outlook would be released in the first week of November.

In a daily forecast report, the PMD spokesperson had said Karachi's weather was expected to get colder at night.

"Due to a change in the wind direction over [every] 24 hours, the weather gets chillier at night," they had said, adding that October's average temperature was 21.9°C.

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