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Islamabad’s ‘powerful elite’ directly responsible for flouting laws: IHC

IHC notes involvement of state institutions, ministries in real estate business raises 'questions of conflict of interest'. Photo: File

The Islamabad High Court (IHC) on Saturday slammed the government on the increasing crime, abductions and land grabbing activities in the federal capital, observing that ministries and institutions were involved in “illegal real estate business”.

IHC Chief Justice Athar Minallah issued the remarks in a five-page order relating to the rising crime, disappearances and land grabbing cases in Islamabad. It also noted that involvement of state institutions and ministries in real estate business raises “questions of conflict of interest”.

“Land grabbing crimes are on the rise in Islamabad,” said the IHC chief justice in the verdict, adding that reports were indicating how corruption has been infested into the system. He warned that the system was on the “verge of collapse”.


“Islamabad's powerful elite is directly responsible for flouting laws,” said Justice Minallah. He added that there was no harm in saying that the “state has failed” to protect the common citizens.

The verdict also said that an alarming law and order situation in Islamabad was “unacceptable”. The IG Islamabad admitted a report in court which cited problems in suspects' investigations and the weaknesses in prosecution.

“Institutions set up to protect fundamental rights of citizens are directly or indirectly involved in breaking the law,” noted the high court.

The IHC said that the dismal situation had not been created 'suddenly', laying the responsibility on elected and non-elected governments that have been ruling the country for decades.

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