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Fake ASP arrested, never sat for CSS exams: Report


Shahrukh Kalhoro was arrested for tricking the Sukkur police into becoming an assistant superintendent by lying about passing the Central Superior Services exams.

According to an inquiry report prepared by SSP Irfan Samo, Kalhoro never sat for the exams nor did he fill any form for the exams. “He did not just create a misunderstanding with the police but also lied to them,” the report said.

Kalhoro had initially been quarterguarded and the investigation officer has filed a complain against him.


The suspect was arrested after he put up pictures of himself at the police station clad in a uniform on Facebook. However, when the news went viral, it was found that another Shahrukh had actually passed the exam.

Shahrukh Khan, the son of a retired general and Pakistan’s first female pilot, was the person who had actually cleared the CSS exam. Following the revelation, SHO Mushtaq Jatoi was suspended for not conducting a proper background check.


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