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Dananeer Mobeen says she didn’t expect her ‘parrrty hori hai’ video to go viral

Screengrab via Instagram.

Instagram influencer Dananeer Mobeen, the girl behind the viral #pawrihorihai video, says that she did not expect her video to become so popular, adding that she the clip was filmed spontaneously and she had not planned it beforehand.

According to an article by , Dananeer Mobeen told BBC Urdu that she and her friends were visiting the popular hill station Nathia Gali in northern Pakistan when she suddenly decided to film the video.

"We were having fun and listening to music when I suddenly took my phone out and made the video, " she told the outlet. "The rest is history."

Speaking about the popularity of her video, she said that she had "no idea it would go so viral," adding that she is receiving recreations of the video from every corner of Pakistan.

"The recreations are so endearing. We have to admit that Pakistanis are the most creative ones when it comes to [recreations] and the meme culture," she said, according to the article.

She added that her mother was also "over the moon" when she saw some renowned celebrities, like Wasim Akram and Saba Qamar, recreating her video.


As for the clip's popularity across the border, Dananeer said that she is really happy about it.

"I am so happy that my light-hearted video is also being enjoyed across the border, especially at a time when there a lot of tension and polarization in the world," she exclaimed.

The youngster added that since people are appreciating the funny aspect of her personality, she will create more light-hearted videos in future for her Instagram and YouTube channels.

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