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Court in Lahore grants bail to DJ Butt a day after arrest over illegal firearm

DJ Butt's arrest came ahead of Pakistan Democratic Movement's (PDM) December 13 public gathering at Minar-e-Pakistan for which he has been tasked to make the sound arrangements. Photo: File

LAHORE: A court in Lahore on Thursday approved the bail of sound system and video vendor Asif Nazar Butt, commonly known as DJ Butt, against surety bonds worth Rs50,000.

Butt was arrested a day ago in a case related to possession of illegal weapons.

However, during the hearing, Butt said that he had a license for the rifle and the firearm was legal. He also alleged that he was beaten and tortured while remaining in police custody.

"I am still Prime Minister Imran Khan's tiger," Butt told the court.

DJ Butt became famous for providing the sound system to the ruling PTI for its 2014 sit-in in Islamabad. Currently, he has been making the sound arrangements for the Opposition's public gatherings.

The arrest came ahead of Pakistan Democratic Movement's (PDM) December 13 public gathering at Minar-e-Pakistan. DJ Butt's company is tasked with making the sound arrangements for the rally, which is being hosted by PML-N.


The Opposition is adamant about continuing its protest against the ruling PTI government across the country despite the Punjab government denying permission to hold a public gathering citing a surge in coronavirus cases. The Opposition is also devising a strategy for mass resignations from the assemblies and planning a long march to Islamabad.

In an interview with Hamza Ali Abbasi on Hum News, Prime Minister Imran Khan had reiterated that the government would not grant permission for the public meeting, and instead, will file an FIR against the organisers, from the kursi wala to the sound system handlers.

"I will give up my office but will not grant them (Opposition) an NRO," he stressed.

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