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Camel-cart driver beat up by Dadu police officer allegedly for not giving way on road


DADU: A camel-cart driver was beat up by a plain-clothes police officer allegedly for not letting him pass by him at the city's Kachehri Road, a video of the incident that surfaced over the weekend shows.

Geo News/Screengrab via The News

The plainclothes cop — identified as Akbar Panhwar — was travelling in a private car with his bodyguards when the incident with the labourer occurred.


As Panhwar's car came across the camel cart, which allegedly didn't give him way to pass by, the cop and his guards started torturing the poor labourer, the video appears to show.

Panhwar is posted as the station house officer (SHO) at Dadu's Qasbo police station.

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