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A uniform curriculum is an achievement for the govt, says PM Imran Khan

Prime Minister Imran Khan. Photo: File/ PID

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Khan on Friday said the government's initiative of launching a uniform curriculum is a great achievement because it will bridge the gap between the different socio-economic classes of the country.

According to Geo News, the PM was speaking during a meeting to discuss the launch of the radio school and online educational portal by the Federal Ministry of Education and Professional Training. The initiative will facilitate students from across Pakistan, especially those living in remote areas, to continue their learning activities which were disrupted because of the pandemic.

"A uniform curriculum is important because it is the only way to streamline the country's education system which is currently divided on the basis of Urdu-medium schools, English-medium schools, and Madrassahs," he said.

The prime minister explained how the divisions at the school level prevent Pakistanis to unify as a nation.

"The SNC will provide equal opportunities to everyone irrespective of their socio-economic classes," he said.

The PM also talked about the significance of skills-based education, adding that the youth of the country must be equipped with different skills so that they can find relevant jobs.

"It is the government's priority to improve the education system of the country," he said. "To that end, we will extend maximum support to the Federal Ministry of Education."

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