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2 dead, 22 sickened by mystery gas in Karachi’s Keamari

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The spokesperson of Karachi's Ziauddin Hospital on Wednesday said that a mysterious gas has led to the deaths of two and sickened 22 others in the city's Keamari area.

The two patients were in critical condition when they were brought to the hospital last night, the spokesperson said, adding that despite receiving immediate medical aid, they passed away.

The spokesperson said that both of the deceased had the same symptoms as the people who were brought to the hospital in February after soyabean dust in the area had caused many residents to become ill.

According to the spokesperson, 22 patients have been brought to the hospital in the last two days and all of them are complaining of breathing problems.

The hospital official said that all of the patients were discharged after they were given medical attention.

In February, soybean dust had killed over 10 and affected 300 people.


A report compiled by the ICCBS at Karachi University found aeroallergen from soybean dust in blood samples collected from the people who died.

Meanwhile, Karachi Port Trusts' spokesperson said that the handling of soybean was done as per international standards, and it was not being done in the open air.

"If need be, we will issue photos of soybean handling," he added.

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